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November 7th, 2024

The Berkeley Hotel, London

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The 2018 London Family Office Conference


Agenda – June 19th, 2018
08:00-09:00 AM Breakfast & Reception
09:00-09:10 AM Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Conference moderator: Mr. Ian Morley, Chairman, Wentworth Hall Consultancy Ltd
09:10-09:35 AM The Green Investment Panel 
Moderator: Mr. Ben Goldsmith, CEO, Menhaden Capital Management LLP
With: Mr. Warner Philips, Partner, Social Impact Ventures, Mr. Gavin McAlpine, Chairman, RES Group, Mr. George Polk, Managing Partner, Tulum Trust, Mr. Gijs Voskamp, Founder, Ocean Capital
This panel will discuss the panelists’ experiences of investing in different ways in the green industrial segment.
The Alternative Investment Session
09:35-09:55 AM Something’s Brewing in the Cannabis Industry – Legalization and the Rise of Marijuana BeerMr. Dooma Wendschuh, Co-Founder & CEO, Province Brands of Canada
09:55-10:10 AM Spain, still an Attractive Market to Invest? – Mr. Juan Carlos Smith, Co-Founder, Eneas Alternative Investments
10:10-10:30 AM The UK Student Property and Care Home Sectors: Fundamentals for Investment – Mr. Arran Kerkvliet, Investment Director, One Touch Property
10:30-10:40 AM Italy: New Tax Opportunities for Foreign Investors – Ms. Angela Cordasco, Senior Tax Lawyer, Loconte & Partners
 10:40-11:10 AM Refreshment Break
 11:10-11:30 AM Fireside Chat with Keynote Speaker Prof. Jonathan Shalit OBE (Hon Dr)
With: Prof. Jonathan Shalit OBE (Hon Dr), Chairman & Founder, InterTalent Rights Group
Moderator: Mr. Guy Avshalom, President & Co-Founder, Blackbox Multimedia
The High Tech / Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies Session
11:30-11:50 AM Cashback – Thanks to your Data Treasure  – Mr. Daniel Arber, Board Member,
11:50-12:10 PM The Opportunities in the Blockchain & Crypto Space – Mr. Avishai Ziv, CEO, Alignment Group, and Partner, Singulariteam, Mr. Itamar Nir, Managing Director, Alignment Group
12:10-12:25 PM Decentralized ICO Deal Curation, Valuation Forecasting and Funding Failures, Success and Future Developments – Mr. Dominik Zynis, Co-Founder, WINGS Foundation
12:25-12:45 PM Why Bitcoin Cash is the Best Payment Solution: Blockchain Secrets – Mr. Ron Tarter, President, Still Meadow Holdings Limited
The Real Estate Session 
12:45-01:05 PM Current State of the North American Commercial Real Estate Markets – Mr. J.D. Parker, Senior Vice President – Northeast Division Manager, Marcus & Millichap
01:05-01:25 PM The Real Estate Panel – Navigating Uncertainty in Real Estate Investing
Moderator: Dr. Christiane Schmelter, Founder & Managing Director, araneo GmbH
With: Mr. David Neuhoff, Managing Partner, Linus Capital, Mr. Georg Tünsmeyer, CEO, NFM AB, Mr. Gregor von dem Knesebeck, Managing Partner, K5, Mr. Nainish Bapna, CIO, Veddis
Global real estate markets have recovered from the depths of past financial crisis with the help of strong investment, financing, and development activity. However, a new US administration, Brexit, financial deregulation, and rate hikes are just a few examples of recent challenges to the status quo. This panel with participants from various countries will discuss investing through uncertainty and how to view risk and opportunity in today’s real estate markets.
01:25-02:25 PM Lunch
The Sports Session
02:25-02:45 PM Keynote Speech: Mr. David Lloyd, Former Professional Tennis Player & Global Entrepreneur
02:45-03:00 PM An introduction to a new investment strategy – Mr. Jawad AhmadChief Financial Officer, Bellavue
03:00-03:20 PM The Sports Panel
Moderator: Mr. Howard Lewis, 2nd Generation, The Schorr Collection and Founder, OFFLINE
With: Mr. Scott Rudmann, Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman, Glory Sports International, Mr. James Clayton, Consultant, Mr. Tom Huston, COO, UN Global Sustainability Index Institute (UNGSII) Foundation
This panel will discuss key themes that concern the future of sport: its packaging and monetization, how can sports organisations can better connect with consumers, what are the emerging trends and which sector should families be looking to invest in, which sports entrepreneurs should be watched and where smart (and not so smart!) money is going.
03:20-03:40 PM The Innovation in Philanthropy Panel
Moderator: Ms. Dorinda Wolfe Murray, Founding Trustee & CEO, FirstLight Trust
With: Ms. Maria Luisa Catrambone, Member, Catrambone Family, Mr. Ian Frith, Impact & Philanthropy Lead, Acumen, Ms. Rafia Qureshi, Executive Director, The Womanity Foundation, Mr. Kevin Van Nguyen, Director, Strategy & Operation, ASDO Foundation
03:40-04:00 PM Refreshment Break
04:00-04:15 PM Direct and Evergreen Investing versus Standard Short Term Venture Capital. The Hambro Perks Model. – Mr. Rupert Hambro CBE, Chairman, Hambro Perks
04:15-04:35 PM The SFO Panel
Moderator: Mr. Aylon Morley, Tech Investment Director, Wentworth Hall
With: Mr. Aditya Nagarsheth, Investor, Perpetual Ventures, Mr. Stephan Ott, Partner, Ott Capital Ventures, Mr. Rodrigo Jesus, Board Member, SFO
This panel will provide a comprehensive view on family offices’ investment process. Discussion will include sourcing, selecting, diligencing, structuring, finding co-investors, troubleshooting, and getting to a successful exit. Panelists will discuss personal experiences, recommendations, and truth from the trenches.
04:35-04:50 PM Investing Like Harvard and Yale: Endowment Style Investing for Family Offices – Mr. Michael AzlenFounder & CEO, Frontier Investment Management LLP
The conference will be followed by a networking cocktail at Albert’s Private Members Club, London.