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November 7th, 2024

The Berkeley Hotel, London

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The 2021 London Family Office Conference


08:00 – 09:10 AM Registration & Breakfast
09:10 – 09:20 AM Opening Remarks
Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Mr. Ian Morley, Chairman, Wentworth Hall Consultancy Ltd – Conference Moderator
09:20 – 09:50 AM The Family Office Investing Panel
Prof. Florin Vasvari, Professor of Accounting: Chair, Accounting Faculty; Academic Director, Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital – Moderator
Mr. Søren Fryland Møller, Owner & Managing Director, IPQ Capital
Mr. Guy Vande Vyvere, Managing Partner, Owner & Co-Founder, Vybros NV
Ms. Ziba Sarikhani, Founder & Partner, Hambleden Capital
The panel will draw together the investing insights of three European single family offices alongside research perspectives from Prof Florin Vasvari of London Business School. Panelists will share their insights of investing through the pandemic and where they see future opportunities.
09:50 – 09:55 AM Breakfast Speaker: Update on the European Tech Ecoystem
Mr. Stephen Nundy, Partner, Chief Technology Officer, Lakestar
We are facing one of the most exciting innovation moments in history. Venture Capital is leading the way and has become a hot investment category, especially in Europe. Lakestar is seeing more compelling investment opportunities than ever so it is clear that now is the time to build the future tech companies that will lead the next decade. Lakestar’s mission is to find, fund and grow disruptive, technology enabled businesses that are founded by exceptional entrepreneurs in Europe and beyond. We want to shape the societies of tomorrow by creating a prosperous, digitally sovereign and technologically advanced world that benefits all.
09:55 – 10:05 AM STABLE – Stabilizing Digital Token’s Universe – Low Volatility Arbitrage Entity
Mr. Krzysztof Kolaczynski, CEO & Co-Founder, Stable Foundation
Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are risky – their prices and relative values change dramatically and unpredictably. Price instability is preventing a wider adoption of this vital digital innovation, as potential new users are deterred by the volatility. It is difficult to use digital tokens for payments or other business purposes in such circumstances. Existing token’s volatility is extreme. Price drops of more than 10% in one hour do happen, even for the most established tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Less popular tokens experience even higher levels of price variability
10:05 – 10:15 AM Opening up the DLT and Cryptoasset Growth Story
Mr. Peter Habermacher, CEO & Co-Founder, Aaro Capital
A Look at the Current Opportunities in the Blockchain / Crypto Space and the Strong Advantages of a Diversified Multi-Manager Strategy to Capitalize on these Opportunities.
10:15 – 10:45 AM BSV Blockchain: It’s Time to Invest in a Better World
Mr. Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President, Bitcoin Association for BSV
It’s time to move discussion of digital assets beyond speculative trading of coins, and instead focus on finding real utility in blockchain.  Using a timestamped ledger of events, a blockchain can power more efficient and honest data applications for consumers, enterprises and governments.  One of the world’s leading blockchain speakers, Jimmy Nguyen, will explain how the concept of time underpins the power of Bitcoin, and how Bitcoin SV (BSV) is finally massively scaling Bitcoin’s original protocol to enable real utility with blockchain technology that can build a better world.
10:45 – 10:50 AM Coffee Break Sponsor: The Isle of Man’s Family Office Offering 
Mr. Paul Blake, Head of Banking and Fiduciaries, Finance Isle of Man
As a leading international finance centre, Paul will talk through how the Isle of Man can support family offices to grow and protect their wealth with solid infrastructure, world class professional services and a wide range of superior products and services.   
10:50 – 11:30 AM Coffee Break
11:30 – 11:50 AM Fireside Chat: Underwriting Talent for the Future 
Ms. Rasha Saïd Khawaja, Founder, The Toucan Project and Deputy of the Saïd Foundation
Mr. Peter Bruce-Clark, Partner, Social Impact Capital
The trajectory of society, and the planet at large, is dependent upon the people who build it. As history shows, that talent comes from all walks of life. The challenge is that not all of us benefit from the same advantages or privileges afforded by our specific circumstances — geographically, financially, socially, or intellectually. As opportunities are unfairly distributed, a lot of untapped talent never reaches its full potential due to large or perhaps slight differences in access to hand. Even a marginal difference in this access could result in us identifying and supporting young leaders who could profoundly impact our societies for the better. In this personal fireside talk, Rasha Khawaja will explain and explore her work as part of the Toucan Project, which supports the development and lives of youth across the world in reaching their full potential from the very earliest of stages. She will be interviewed by Peter Bruce-Clark, who will speak about the entrepreneurial opportunities of promoting diverse and thoughtful access to resources.
11:50 – 12:10 PM The Cayman Islands: A Jurisdiction of Choice for Family Offices
Ms. Sue Nickason, Vice President, Dart
Hear why Dart chose the Cayman Islands as its global headquarters and has invested US $1.6 billion in the local economy. Learn about the business and lifestyle benefits that are making this tax efficient British Overseas Territory a choice for family offices, UHNWI’s and tech and film companies.
12:10 – 12:20 PM Investing in Luxury Experiences & Creations through the NFT Metaverse 
Mr. Max Kantelia, Serial & Parallel Entrepreneur, Zilliqa
Digital Assets and user experiences are taking on a whole new form of engagement within the metaverse. In this presentation by parallel entrepreneur Max Kantelia, you’ll find out how there has been a convergence of the physical and digital worlds across art, lifestyle, gaming and more.

Max will also touch upon why the luxury industry should pivot towards a metaverse and NFT strategy focusing on digital collectibles as an asset class; certifications of ownership; what gives a digital asset value; and how they can be a promising investment for HNWIs, technologists, art lovers & collectors.

12:20 – 12:35 PM How to Protect a Portfolio against Volatility and Major Market Corrections – a Discussion with
Mr. Michel Meert, Head of Investment Advisory to Family Offices, Endowments and Foundations, Barnett Waddingham
A truly long term investor, like a family office, should not worry about short term volatility and can even take advantage of it. However, seeking real diversification between asset classes and specific investments, is key in order to limit major drawdowns. A portfolio should be aligned with the objectives and with the embedded investment beliefs of the decision makers or owners. Building a portfolio in a sustainable way is also important to achieve the goals over a long term perspective, as well as a reflection on long term trends in society and their impact on how investments are structured.
12:35 – 12:45 PM Virtual Retirement Community – The Way of the Future
Mr. Moti Bari Barmherzig, Founder & Chairman, Sparko Virtual Retirement Community (VRC)
The Sparko VRC is designed to enable older people to remain at home, maintain their independence, and reap the benefits as if they were living in a true Retirement Community. This concept is based on a successful initiative that I implemented in the ‘90s and continues to thrive to this very day.
SPARKO  VRC is the unique combination of a dedicated team of professionals with a customised and interactive technology platform that meets the needs of our hybrid world.
12:45 – 02:00 PM Lunch
02:00 – 02:15 PM Special Keynote Presentation
Mrs. Cherie Blair CBE QC
Mrs. Cherie Blair will share her personal story, she will discuss how the pandemic set back gender equality, how gender equality could unlock unimaginable gains, what the power of capital means to women, and empowering women by supporting entrepreneurs. Mrs. Blair will also cover the power of capital, maximising your ‘social ROI’, nurturing the private sector for sustainable development and other relevant topics. We will also learn about what her foundation does and what the 100,000 campaign is.
02:15 – 02:50 PM The Good Philanthropy Can Do
Ms. Angela Jilina, Chair of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s European Chapter of the 100,000 Women Campaign Moderator
Ms. Beatriz Gasca Acevedo, Chair of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Latin America Chapter of the 100,000 Women Campaign
Ms. Cecile Reinaud, Board Member of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s European Chapter of the 100,000 Women Campaign
Ms. Caroline Edwards, Friend of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and Events Director of the Really Helpful Club
This discussion follows on from Mrs. Cherie Blair CBE QC’s keynote on “The Good Philanthropy Can Do” and will feature a panel of philanthropists and entrepreneurs alike – all of whom are friends of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women who give their own time, energy and funds to support a variety of philanthropic causes. This panel will discuss a variety of sub-topics surrounding the good that philanthropy can do, such as the effects of Covid-19 on philanthropy, perceived trends surrounding philanthropic giving, the wider significance of philanthropic giving, and more.
02:50 – 03:10 PM

Combining Systems, Science and Spiritual Wisdom to Solve for Hunger and Nutrition : The Akshaya Patra Foundation Story

Ms. Erika Loch, Business Development Consultant, and Commercial & Communications Strategist – Moderator

Mr. Bhawani Singh Shekhawat, CEO & Trustee, The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK

Mr. Vikrant Bhargava, Founder & Chairman, Veddis Foundation

Despite steadfast development in science and technology, our world’s two big issues remain Hunger and malnutrition, particularly among children. These are not limited to developing nations alone. The Akshaya Patra Foundation ( aims to tackle these issues using a triangulated, tri-sector model where eternal wisdom combines with efficient science and outstanding manufacturing, distribution and supply chain systems that deliver at speed and at scale. Currently, our flagship programmes serve over 1.8 million children daily in India and thousands in the UK. These are uniquely among the largest of its kind in the world. The panel will throw light on how effective TAPF’s tri-sector model is and how it could be leveraged by governments, policy makers and philanthropists for impact and significant results. 

03:10 – 03:35 PM The Real Estate Panel
Mr. Andy Martin, Consultant & Advisor – Moderator
Mr. Satish Kumar Modi, Chairman, Modi Global Enterprises, Ambassador for Philanthropy
Mr. Josh Lawrence, CEO, Global Holdings Management Group
03:35 – 03:45 PM Next Generation Fireside Chat
Mr. Ian Frith, Advancement, London Business Shool – Moderator
Ms. Giorgiana Notarbartolo, Impact Investor, Member of The ImPact
A conversation with an active next-gen investor and philanthropist. We will explore how one family has successful transitioned to their next generation and how they are thinking differently  for both their investing and philanthropy.
03:45 – 04:30 PM Sports Investment – Turning Passion into Profits 
Mr. Ian Morley, Chairman, Wentworth Hall Consultancy Ltd – Moderator
Mr. Paraag Marathe, Vice Chairman, Leeds United Football Club; President of 49ers Enterprises and EVP of Football Operations, San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

Mr. Peter McCormick, Ex Chairman of the Premier League Football Association Board, Chairman of the Football Board and of the Legal Advisory Group of the League, Chairman of the FA (Football Association)

Ms. Sharon Foulston, Chairman, The Sharon Foulston Foundation

Mr. Danny Federman, Owner of Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Club

This panel will answer questions such as: Was it sports passion or money that drove you? Why this sport? Has it been successful? What have the issues been? The lack of ethics in sport at a high level – what is your moral compass?
04:30 – 04:40 PM Art, Pleasure or Investment – Perspectives from the Primary and Secondary Market 
Ms. Alexandra Wood, Associate Director, SAATCHI YATES
Mr. Stefano Amoretti, Director, SAATCHI YATES
A discussion hosted by Mr. Stefano Amoretti and Ms. Alexandra Wood, Directors at Saatchi Yates, a commercial art gallery representing a new generation of contemporary artists. Founded by Phoebe Saatchi Yates and Arthur Yates, the gallery specialises in exhibiting breakthrough art alongside a secondary market program.
05:00 – 06:30 PM Cocktail Reception @ SAATCHI YATES Gallery