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Brian Thompson

Brian is a highly experienced, certified Family Business Coach and Mediator, a founding member of Family Hippocampus and is the founder of Ducere Advisory – a family busines consultancy which develops programmes to maintain family cohesion, family governance structures and smooths the path of succession.

Brian focuses on the human side of family business, in line with his belief that external success is impossible without internal family harmony. Brian also believes that another key to long term success is in training business advisors to be more aware of their client’s human needs.

He is a 5th generation member of his nearly 150-year-old family business and sits on the family council. As chairman of the Education Committee within the family business he is responsible for developing a program for nurturing family members both young and old, helping the transition to future generations.

As well as the unique perspectives gained from his own position in a family enterprise, Brian is an experienced advisor to other business families and their advisors globally.

He has also spoken internationally at various Family Business events for organisations such as Camden Wealth, Deloitte, FBN Romania, FBN India, FBN Columbia, Sentry Farming, WM Nexus, Prestel & Partner and Smart Bridges.

Brian has long recognised the need for people with first-hand experience to assist others in their family’s development alongside their business. Since establishing Ducere Advisory Brian has been developing a firm to help other families in business, ultimately leading to greater harmony and strengthening family bonds for generations to come.

He is based in the UK and works internationally.