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Marta Albert

QG Family Office

Being born in Germany, grown up in Madrid and lived in key cities around the world, has given Marta a truly global perspective both in her personal and
professional life. She has managed multinational corporations and has founded private investment firms that have become role models for excellence and profitability.

Her knowledge, experience, and natural leadership skills as well as her excellence in management relationships allowed her to command the attention
of big audiences in investing and trading live seminars, as well as speaking at international investment and family offices conferences around the world.

Marta’s success comes from her ability to combine strong values, passion, experience, common sense and love for human relations. She has always
believed that “if there is no meaning and passion behind what you do, you will not succeed.”

Currently, Marta shares responsibility managing the family investments and business activities, serving also on boards and investment committees in a
number of global companies and foundations. She is a very well respected entrepreneur, philanthropist, and private senior advisor.

Meeting people from all over the world, being married with and having the love and support of an extraordinary man, as well as her knowledge, experience, natural leadership skills and her excellence in management relationships have given her the edge to make the ordinary extraordinary, always striving toward greatness.